Ban the use of steel leg traps and neck snares

Bear Warriors United is requesting a rule change from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

We are asking the FWC Commissioners to:

1. Ban the use of all steel leg traps and neck snares

2. Stop issuing permits to trappers using steel leg and neck snare traps

3. Revoke all current permits to trappers using steel leg traps and neck snares

Both methods are not only indiscriminate, both cause excruciating pain and suffering.

This petition was created in response to a most disturbing recent incident: A Florida Black Bear, an imperiled species, became entangled and was nearly decapitated by a neck snare set by a trapper with the intended use of strangling a coyote.

The bear eventually ran onto a busy road and was tragically hit and killed by a vehicle, with the snare still attached to his/her neck. Just imagine the fear and pain the bear was experiencing –choking to death, being unable to breathe, starving for days– before frantically running into oncoming traffic to be struck and killed by a car.

This is just one incident– imagine all of the animals needlessly suffering that never get reported. This heartbreaking and disturbing occurrence could be the last of its kind if the FWC Commissioners decide that Florida Wildlife Conservation should not use these barbaric methods of trapping and killing to control wildlife populations. With these traps not discriminating with who or what is tortured, maimed and killed; the possibilities of injury and death of the nearly extinct Florida Panther and the protected Gopher Tortoise is eminent, as are injuries to our pets, livestock and God forbid, our children.


We, the undersigned, implore you to enact a rule change immediately because we know today that indiscriminately removing/killing “nuisance” animals is not supported by science as an effective or sound solution in resolving human-wildlife conflicts.

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